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John E. Goudey Manufacturing Ltd.
21 Primrose Avenue • Toronto • ON • M6H 3V1
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Paint & Varnish Removers

Goudey manufactures two types of industrial grade paint and varnish removers for stripping off film coat finishes on wood and metal products. Both types are solvent blends that should only be used in well ventilated work areas with the finisher wearing the appropriate protective safety equipment. Goudey retails the proper neoprene gloves, organic vapour masks and other project related sundry items at their factory location.

Semi-Liquid Gel Paint and Varnish Remover (770)

This is Goudey’s strongest and most concentrated paint and varnish remover. Its thick consistency allows the finisher to apply a coat of stripper to vertical surfaces as well as horizontal. It is also ideal for removing nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed, and most post catalyzed lacquers, alkyd and acrylic based paints, and alkyd and acrylic based urethanes. Recommended wash down solvents include: 700 Methyl Hydrate, 788 Lacquer Thinner, 783 Acetone.

  • Available in 4L and 20L containers.

Low Viscosity Remover (702) & Waxless Remover (704)

This series of paint and varnish removers has been specially formulated for industrial Flow Over stripping systems and Strip Tanks that have been properly grounded. Their thin consistency and fast evaporation rate allows the finisher to strip large pieces of furniture and wash off the dissolved finish quickly. They are ideal for removing: nitrocellulose and pre catalyzed lacquers, shellac, metal lacquers, as well as alkyd and acrylic based paint where no more than two coats of paint have been applied. Use 770 Paint and Varnish remover if more than two coats have been applied.

Note: When removing the film coating on projects that have been finished in a high solid post catalyzed lacquer, high gloss paint or enamels, or have been polished to a high gloss finish, break the surface of the film coating first by sanding with a low grit (80 - 100) sandpaper to allow the stripping solution to penetrate the surface and begin breaking down the coating.

  • Available in 20L and 204L containers.